The Epidemic No One is Talking About

It has all of the same letters as COVID plus more. I keep seeing it pop up quickly and no one is saying anything. All I hear are crickets and sympathy.  I’m talking about DIVORCE. Rearranged you might see it RE:COVID I keep seeing couples post some picture walking on vacation and make divorce announcements.Continue reading “The Epidemic No One is Talking About”

Trends, Tik Tok, and Trafficking…Oh my!

At the beginning of quarantine, I scrolled aimlessly through Tik Tok one night for a few minutes and it seemed harmless. I mean, what could be so bad about cute animals and funny jokes and cute little dances? Then, I found it. I found the problem. The problem was with me. In a desensitized world,Continue reading “Trends, Tik Tok, and Trafficking…Oh my!”