3 Ways to Empower Yourself Today

[əmˈpou(ə)r] VERB
          give (someone) the authority or power to do something.
         make stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.

In this culture, it’s easy to get wrapped up in “all the things”, but it’s so important to have the power to accomplish our dreams and the confidence to pursue the journey that has been specifically designed for each of us. Empowerment gives us the freedom to not only dream with purpose, but to plan accordingly to make those dreams reality.

So how do we make it happen?

First, 10-10-1

I snagged this skill from Kelly Brock when she shared it- definitely follow her on IG! Her feed and stories are filled with wisdom and encouragement.

The 10-10-1 was developed by Rachel Hollis as a way to organize and leverage your ability to become the version of yourself you wish to be, with small, incremental steps toward your goal. So, let’s look at how to do this in your own life. Grab a pen and an empty notebook and plan for 30 min-1 hour.

  1. The first step represents 10 years from now. Think about what you want your life to look like in 10 years. What will you look like? What will you be doing? Will you have children and how old will they be? What will your relationship or marriage look like? How much money will you be making? You get the point. Be detailed and thorough and write it all down.
  2. The second step represents 10 goals that will reflect and support the vision of your life 10 years from now. All of your goals need to be in the present tense. For instance, if you are wanting to get out of debt and not operate paycheck-to-paycheck, “I am debt free and have $(amount of money) in my bank account at all times.” If you are wanting to be successful at your dream career, “I am a successful (Dream career title) and love every minute of it.”
  3. The last step is to write out 1 measurable and achievable goal that supports your dreams. “I spend one night per week with each of my children.” “I read one business book per month and apply the new skills to people on my team each month as we gather sales data.” “I limit my screen time to 3 hours per day.”
  4. Finally, you write your dreams and goal down every single day. This serves as an affirmation to the person you want to be, but it also serves as a way to measure how far you’ve come as you get closer towards reaching a goal.


As a glass-half-full person and someone who finds the glitter in the mess, I love to acknowledge all of the things I’m grateful for. But more importantly, practicing gratitude empowers us to walk through life, no matter the season, with an attitude of love and appreciation for each thing we have been blessed with.

I get it…we all have bad days, weeks, seasons, and years…but there is always, always, always something to be grateful for.

The way I do this is by writing 5 things I’m grateful for at the top of my 10-10-1 page.


“A dream without a plan is a wish.”- Katherine Paterson

Dreams are great, but without a plan we are setting ourselves to keep dreaming. And no one wants to have unfulfilled dreams. Planning also shows to decrease anxiety, sets up systems to make us successful, and sets the standard to accomplish daily measurable tasks to accomplish goals.

I LOVE planners…like I have an addiction. But, I have a favorite. I’ve used about every planner out there, and the Passion Planner is BY FAR the best. It not only gives you a passion roadmap, but it’s set up to achieve whatever you wish to achieve, by the hour, along with weekly goals, and to-do-list spots.

I know from experience that these three things not only prepare for a more joy-filled life, but a confidence that allows us to chase after our dreams. Sometimes our dreams and goals seem too large to take, as a whole, but if we start with small daily steps, we will be able to see huge leaps and progress toward becoming the empowered person we want to become.

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