Essential Oils: Where to Start

Oh the taboo little bottles of oils that some swear by and some love to hate on. After years of using them for everything from cuts and burns, sicknesses, cleaning sprays, and everything in between, I feel well-equipped to guide you through the process today for:

  1. Deciding if oils are right for you
  2. Selecting the first ones to try down to the brand and blend

Deciding if oils are right for you:

If you have never used them before, you are most likely totally overwhelmed and a little skeptical. I know I was. To be honest, I started using essential oils because I had reached the end of the road for a medical treatment. Now, let me be clear, I’m not a doctor and as a health coach, I believe that it is my duty to always refer you to your doctor, especially regarding medical diagnosis. But, fortunately, I had a very open-minded medical professional that was all for incorporating new ideas and natural products into my treatment regimen.

My first essential oil was Frankincense. I was suffering from a brain injury and seizures and was having unpleasant side effects from the new medicine I was on. I was desperate. I googled everything and stumbled on frankincense helping to reduce seizures for a young child, so I had to try it.

If you are desperate for some type of relief, I would 1. See a doctor and 2.  Google essential oils + ‘symptoms’. There is absolute nothing to lose by trying and I have seen firsthand the positive benefits of them in my life, as well  as others. Also, there are so many oils that are used in replace of candles, help with mood, help with the ‘time of the month’, help with pain, and I could go on and on. It’s a rabbit hole, and you can get lost in all of the information quickly. So, start slow.

Now, more importantly:

Where should I buy and What kind? :

I am not a distributor of any essential oil brands. I have used several brands, but MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE IS: YOUNG LIVING. First, they are therapeutic grade oils and second, I feel they last longer than store bought oils and are quick acting because they are real. However, if you are just looking to try, make sure you are getting a high quality oil.  

Young Living has a starter pack, but these are my favorite Must-have oils:

  1. Frankincense I’ve attached the benefits here:
  2. Lavender anxiety, calming, cleaning/disinfecting
  3. Digize (Young living Blend) my favorite go-to for any tummy troubles. Whether I’m plagued with a stomach bug or facing some indigestion, digize is the first oil I run to.
  4. Thieves (Young Living Blend) my favorite immunity oil if I’m traveling or beginning to feel sickness come on. This blend is BY FAR the most versatile. They have a whole cleaning line and it truly is the best at helping kick a cold or virus
  5. Peppermint The best at kicking headaches and super helpful with nausea and stomach aches, too.

There are long lists with the popular ones, but these 5 are ones I carry with me on every trip and has saved many of bachelorette parties, date weekends, and trips from being completely ruined.

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